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Dan Zegart Remembered

Memorial to Dan Zegart 1955-2024

CCS CO2 Pipelines: A Triple 48 Inch Reality Check

I have been calling the carbon capture CO2 pipeline buildout plan a “publicly-funded sewer system for the fossil fuel industry” for some time. In fact it’s their only lifeline, and in the meantime it’s also

NPR Satartia CO2 Pipeline Story – May 2023

Julia Simon of National Public Radio’s climate team published a marvelous story about the Satartia CO2 pipeline accident that aired on NPR’s All Things Considered. The piece drew from Dan Zegart’s 2021 reporting, including 911

“Assessing ExxonMobil’s global warming projections” Science, January 2023, Supran, Rahmstorf, Oreskes – Reference Documents on

A new study published in Science this week references multiple internal Exxon documents that are available in original form on ClimateFiles. The study got a lot of news coverage: New York Times, Guardian, Associated Press,


2021-2022 House of Representatives Big Oil Investigations – Document Links

September 2022 Oversight Committee document release September 2022 Natural Resources Committee memo and document release December 2022 Oversight Committee document release Memo Chevron (589 pages) – Exxon (71 pages) – Shell

INVESTIGATION: Corporate Polluters Inside US Delegation at UN Negotiations Over Fifty Years Ago

The history of the United States’ involvement in global environmental agreements is a checkered one to say the least. With this project we seek to draw back the curtain and uncover the history of corporate


Letter Urging McCarthy to Kill House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis: A Who’s Who on the Wrong Side of History

A group of mostly Libertarian, free market, anti-government, anti-regulatory, anti-tax organizations, sent a letter to Representative Kevin McCarthy asking that he disband the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis if Republicans take over the House

“Americans for Climate Solutions”- a Pennsylvania gas export front group? runs TV ads during 2022 mid-term elections

When I saw this ad on TV in Philadelphia last week, it immediately caught my eye. I was taping some of the rabid ads between the Fetterman and Oz campaigns and this happened to come

House of Representatives Committee Investigation on Public Relations, the Fossil Fuel Industry and Climate Change

A landmark hearing today in the House Committee on Natural Resources “The Role of Public Relations Firms in Preventing Action on Climate Change” The committee issued a 116 page report to accompany the hearing. The

PBS Frontline “The Power of Big Oil” Viewer’s Guide: Documents and Reference Material

This post includes some of the documents, advertisements and news clips that were featured in the three part documentary, “The Power of Big Oil,” aired April 2022. I have also included additional resources from our