Shell Document Index

This is an index of the trove of documents unearthed by Jelmer Mommers of De Correspondent and published on Climate Files. The full collection of Shell documents, including documents outside of this trove and not listed below, can be found on Climate Files

Number Document title and link to Climate Files .pdf link (via DocumentCloud)
1 1986 Shell “Coal Gasification Process” Series PDF
2 1987 Shell Briefing Service “Synthetic fuels and renewable energy” PDF
3 1988 Shell Confidential Report “The Greenhouse Effect” PDF
4 1990 Shell “Statement of General Business Principles” PDF
5 1992 Shell Briefing Service “Managing Energy Efficiently” PDF
6 1992 Shell Speech “Three Cornered Challenge – energy, environment and population” PDF
7 1993 Shell special project briefing “Brazilian Biomass Power Demonstration Project” PDF
8 1994 Shell Briefing Service “Renewable Energy” PDF
9 1994 Shell Speech “Environmental action – a shared responsibility” PDF
10 1994 Shell Selected Paper “Energy for Development” PDF
11 1994 Shell Report “The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect – A review of scientific aspects” PDF
12 1995 Shell Management Brief “Climate Change” PDF
13 1995 Shell Venster (Shell Window) magazine PDF
14 1995 Shell Internal Report “Is Climate Change Occurring Already?” PDF
15 1994 Shell Briefing Service on population, energy and environment PDF
16 1995 Report “Shell and the Environment” PDF
17 1996 Shell Management Brief “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” PDF
18 1996 Shell Report “The Evolution of the World’s Energy Systems” PDF
19 1995 Shell Global Scenarios 1995-2020 PDF; PDF
20 1996 Shell Planners Newsletter and Forum “Foresight: Exploring and Creating the Future” PDF
21 1997 Shell Presentation “Sustainable Development – the challenge for energy” PDF
22 1997 Press Conference “Shell International Renewables” PDF
23 1998 Shell Internal TINA Group Scenarios 1998-2020 Report PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF
24 1998 Shell Speech “Reflections on Kyoto” presented at Davos World Economic Forum PDF
25 1998 Report “Climate Change: What does Shell think and do about it?” PDF
26 1998 Shell Report “Profits and Principles – does there have to be a choice?” PDF
27 1998 Shell Presentation “Wind Energy Strategy” PDF
28 2006 Shell Global Solutions confidential report “What (not) to expect from nuclear power” PDF
29 Undated Shell Education Pamphlet on Biomass PDF
30 Shell Pamphlet Enhanced Exploration and Production “Act Now to Create Our Future” PDF
31 1990 Shell Selected Papers “The environmental challenge and the oil industry’s response” PDF
32 1994 Shell Statement of General Business Principles PDF
33 1995 Shell Briefing Service “Energy in Profile” PDF
34 1996 Shell Business Framework – coming to grips with our future PDF
35 1997 Shell Statement of General Business Principles PDF
36 1999 Shell Report “Listening and Responding- The Profits and Principles Advertising Campaign” PDF
37 1999 Shell Report “Sustainable Development – making it happen” Report and Internal “Sounding board” Feedback PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF
38 2002 Shell Booklet “Sustainable Energy from Renewable Resources” PDF
39 1996 Shell IPIECA Report on Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP2) PDF