GCC Astroturfing: Kochs, ExxonMobil, and Others Support Kyoto Opposition

In 1996, the prospect of a mandatory treaty was looming and the GCC wanted to expand its reach, engaging more purposefully in the climate change dialogue on the ground in the U.S. In a newly published GCC Board of Directors memo, “The Coalition’s Strategy in 1997,” outlined the GCC’s targeted plan and new State and Local Committee. The memo stated the following:

“GCC strategy must include broad based grassroots effort designed to present a balanced view on the climate issue an the state and local levels. The Coalition has formed a new State and Local Committee to monitor activities now occurring in individual states, to coordinate the state/local activities of all GCC committees, and to serve as a liaison with other business and public interest groups with similar views on climate change.”

GCC 1997 advertisement

One year later, in a 1997 Mother Jones article titled “Astroturf Troopers,” another internal memo was revealed showing the plan coming to fruition. In conjunction with an advertising campaign, the GCC’s Susan Moya penned a memo briefing its membership about a planned “Strike for Liberty” Kyoto Protocol protest, promising their “stateside” spokespeople daily updates from the negotiations, and attaching a list of media contacts and “In the States – Grassroots” allies.

Those contacts were comprised of several organizations from the now infamous Koch network, front groups and organizations created and funded by industry members of the GCC, and organizations from the pro-property rights, anti-regulatory “Wise Use” movement. The following list demonstrates those connections:

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