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Exxon Documents

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This page features the top documents that the Climate Investigations Center believes lawyers, government officials, journalists, and the public must read to understand the unfolding #ExxonKnew investigations underway in several states.

There are three basic phases to this story:

1. What Exxon knew and when they knew it;

2. What Exxon did to block rising concern about climate change;

3. What Exxon would like to hide from investigators now.

The timeline below features some of the most telling documents about Exxon’s early knowledge of climate change science. For the full collection of Exxon documents, see our Climate Files portal

Exxon Updates and Investigations

BBC Radio Series Tracks History of Climate Denial

The BBC has launched a two hour series on the history of corporate climate denial. The series starts in 1988 and traces the rise in climate policy attacks through the George W. Bush Administration in the 2000s. They been researching this series for several months. Great to hear it finally! Featured interviews include Naomi Oreskes,

Climate Lawsuit Index: Complaints with links to footnotes and referenced documents

The following is an index of recent climate lawsuits. We uploaded each complaint on DocumentCloud and added an electronic index and links to all available documents referenced or footnoted in the lawsuits. Connecticut v. ExxonMobil – Sept. 2020 State of Delaware v. BP et al – Sept 2020 City of Charleston v. Brabham Oil Company

Imperial Oil Document Trove

Overview of Imperial Oil Document Archive Published on ClimateFiles.com Imperial Oil Limited, Exxon’s Canadian subsidiary, took a very different path from Exxon in the U.S. thirty years ago, revealing the vulnerabilities and strategies of an oil company in the age of climate crisis. While Exxon was laying low in the late 1980s – early 1990s,

Climate Lawsuit: Massachusetts vs. ExxonMobil – November 2019

It’s been nearly four years in development. Massachusetts filed late last week and its an amazing ~200 page read. ExxonMobil has fought Attorney General Maura Healey and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts all the way…with an arsenal of aggressive tactics…trying to prevent this day from coming. More analysis and news in coming weeks and months, but

Global Climate Coalition

Global Climate Coalition: Climate Denial Legacy Follows Corporations

As corporations are increasingly being held accountable for deception of shareholders and the public on climate risk, as authors and journalists explore this history, and as lawmakers investigate it, Climate Investigations Center embarked on a year-long investigation of the Global Climate Coalition (GCC), arguably the most impactful industry group ever to campaign against climate change

climate files

History from Climate Files Follows Industry

Documents from Climate Investigations Center’s Climate Files archival portal continue to inform the discussion regarding culpability for the climate crisis. Most recently, in County of San Mateo v. Chevron Corp., et al., eight amicus briefs were filed supporting the plaintiffs seeking redress for climate change’s impacts on their communities. One of the briefs, filed by

CCS Carbon Capture Storage

Carbon Capture: Expensive Pipe Dream or “Holy Grail”?

Today, carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology is touted by proponents as a way to continue burning fossil fuels in a carbon constrained economy.  However, two recent reports bring into question the feasibility of CCS technology to mitigate the climate crisis. The first report, released by the Center for International Environmental Law, addresses the potential

Drilled: The Climate Crime of the Century

A newly released podcast, Drilled, “investigates the crime of the century — the creation of climate denial.” The eight part series takes listeners back in time to the inception of climate change denial. It tells the story of the special interests that launched campaigns against evolving climate science and the momentum created by this science,

ALEC, american legislative exchange council

ALEC Lost Membership Worth Over $7 Trillion in Market Cap

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative nonprofit whose membership includes state legislators, corporations, and think tanks, is holding it’s 2018 States and Nation Policy Summit in Washington, DC this week. ALEC has been called a “corporate bill mill,” helping secure favorable state legislation for some of the largest companies in the country. However, the

Climate Files, Climate Change

Climate Files Update: Decades of Denial

CIC has recently published twenty-five hard to find documents to our Climate Files portal. The documents added to our collections feature entities who have perpetuated climate denial for decades, including: The Western Fuels Association, a consortium of coal utilities and suppliers, Patrick Michaels of the Cato Institute, ExxonMobil, and The Global Climate Coalition The Western Fuels