Climate Lawsuit: Massachusetts vs. ExxonMobil – November 2019

It’s been nearly four years in development. Massachusetts filed late last week and its an amazing ~200 page read. ExxonMobil has fought Attorney General Maura Healey and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts all the way…with an arsenal of aggressive tactics…trying to prevent this day from coming.

More analysis and news in coming weeks and months, but first things first, we decided to annotate the brief so that the dense research done by the Massachusetts attorneys could be illuminated with source documents. Remember, this is the evidence we already have in hand, pre-discovery. The brief cites dozens of internal and public hard to find Exxon, Mobil and ExxonMobil documents we have carefully curated on the ClimateFiles archive.

Click on the yellow notes on the DocumentCloud view of the brief. Within the note will be a link to the original document or article. Cut and paste that note to find the document (DocumentCloud does not allow hotlines out of notes).

Here is an example of an annotation:

The real action begins on page 18 of the brief (page 24 of the pdf).

Skim below or link to the full annotated version of the brief here on DocumentCloud.

Posted by Climate Investigations Center