NPR Satartia CO2 Pipeline Story – May 2023

Julia Simon of National Public Radio’s climate team published a marvelous story about the Satartia CO2 pipeline accident that aired on NPR’s All Things Considered. The piece drew from Dan Zegart’s 2021 reporting, including 911 emergency calls that Dan collected in early 2020. This is really the first and best national reporting on the Satartia accident since Dan’s Huffington Post piece in August 2021.

And its right on time with Infrastructure Bill and Inflation Reduction Act money flowing into carbon capture pilot projects and will massive proposed ethanol CCS projects in the planning stage in the upper Midwest. With all the noise and news, the security and safety of the proposed 60,000 mile+ CO2 pipeline system still in question.

Listen to the NPR radio piece here
A transcript of the NPR piece is here

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