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Exxon and Koch Funded Deniers Who Pushed Trump to Exit Paris Climate Agreement

The Money Behind Paris Agreement Opposition On May 8th, 2017, forty four climate denying “free market” anti-government organizations wrote a letter to President Trump urging him to pull the United States out of the Paris

Exxon Education Foundation 1997 report containing grant to Competitive Enterprise Institute for "Climate Change Program"

Washington Post: Exxon, Koch, and Big Coal Cash Begat Trump Climate Denial

Q: What does spending tens of millions of dollars supporting climate denial organizations over a twenty year period buy you? A: Donald Trump, abdication of U.S. leadership on climate and increased risk of damage from

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Climate Change Lawsuits Fueled by Industry Documents

The news on climate change lawsuits keeps churning. On May 25, 2018, U.S. District Court Judge W. Alsup kept City of Oakland v. BP, et al. in court, opening four of the five defendants to

Cooler Heads Coalition

Cooler Heads Coalition

The Cooler Heads Coalition (CHC), the longest running climate denial coalition, describes itself as an “informal and ad-hoc group focused on dispelling the myths of global warming…”.  Translation: a coalition of climate denying organizations, funded through the years

Hurricane Harvey, Climate Denial, Fake News and ExxonMobil

For well over twenty years, climate deniers have tried to stymie discussion of extreme weather events and climate change. Why? Because extreme weather kills people, destroys property, trashes things and costs billions of dollars.  And


The Heartland Institute

Background The Heartland Institute is a free market think tank at the forefront of denying manmade climate change. Joseph Bast was the director and CEO of the institute from it’s inception in 1984 until 2017.

Coal’s Lonely Lobbyists

This report documents the growing isolation of the coal mining industry, and lost member companies at the National Mining Association, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, and World Coal Association. By Joe Smyth, Climate Investigations

Hill & Knowlton PR

Hill & Knowlton Annual Income From Fees in 2012: $390,000,000 Address: 607 14th Street NW #300, Washington, DC 20005 Phone: (212) 885-0300

Burson Marsteller PR

Burson Marsteller Annual Income From Fees in 2012: $454,500,000 Address: 1110 Vermont Avenue NW; Suite 1200; Washington, D.C. 20005 Phone: (202) 530-0400


Who We Are

The Climate Investigations Center (CIC) was established in 2014 to monitor the individuals, corporations, trade associations, political organizations and front groups who work to delay the implementation of sound energy and environmental policies that are necessary