Something Else Strategies

Something Else Strategies (SES) is a media and advertising firm that focuses mainly on political clients. In 2016, SES landed a $10.4 million contract from the United States Chamber of Commerce (USCC), a $9.2 million increase from their USCC contract the previous year. While USCC was the only group in our dataset that used SES, it’s a notable contract for its size alone. Since the beginning of their contract in 2012 and into 2017, SES has earned $25.4 million from USCC.

Besides their work with USCC, SES is known for being a major player in Republican campaign advertising. In 2014, SES drew attention for their work on the infamous Joni Ernst “castrating hogs” political ad. In 2015, they created digital ads and managed media for Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign.

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