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Three More Climate Lawsuits, September 2020: Hoboken, Charleston and Delaware

We are experiencing a torrential downpour of climate lawsuits. After new suits filed this summer by the State of Minnesota and Washington, DC, now in the past week or so there have been three more

BBC Radio Series Tracks History of Climate Denial

The BBC has launched a two hour series on the history of corporate climate denial. The series starts in 1988 and traces the rise in climate policy attacks through the George W. Bush Administration in

Exxon and Friends Still Funding Climate Denial and Obstruction Through IPAA, FTI, Energy in Depth

UPDATE January 2024- Exxon recently revealed a decision made some time in 2022, to drop its membership in IPAA apparently over differences on climate change strategy. This was found in the back pages of its

Imperial Oil Document Trove

Overview of Imperial Oil Document Archive Published on Imperial Oil Limited, Exxon’s Canadian subsidiary, took a very different path from Exxon in the U.S. thirty years ago, revealing the vulnerabilities and strategies of an

Thousands of Fossil Fuel “Observers” Attended Climate Negotiations – UNFCCC Data 2005-2018 COP1-COP24

The collection of Global Climate Coalition (GCC) documents we compiled and released by CIC this April reveal that the organization had a singular focus, slowing down or derailing the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change


GCC Denial of Climate Impacts on Human Health

This document collection provides new insight into the GCC’s denial efforts surrounding the growing consensus that climate change impacts would have a negative effect on human health. As early as 1994, the GCC questioned if


GCC Astroturfing: Kochs, ExxonMobil, and Others Support Kyoto Opposition

In 1996, the prospect of a mandatory treaty was looming and the GCC wanted to expand its reach, engaging more purposefully in the climate change dialogue on the ground in the U.S. In a newly


U.S. Policymakers Want Input: GCC Sends Talking Points, Wish Lists, and Aggressive Critiques of the Kyoto Protocol

The GCC also influenced international negotiations through consistent engagement with the United States government dignitaries and officials directly involved in the UNFCCC and IPCC processes. In addition to the sixty-three million dollars contributed to U.S.


GCC’s Priority: Co-opting Science Within the International Climate Negotiation Process

After the 1992 Earth Summit, the GCC’s principal objective was to slow down the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). New GCC documents reveal how the coalition took advantage of their seat at the


The Voice of Industry: GCC Doesn’t Concede Full Truth on Science

Early Climate Denial In one 1994 volume of its Climate Watch Bulletin, the Coalition highlighted “new scientific evidence,” which suggested that fossil fuels may help maintain “an essential atmospheric balance” and “that cutbacks in fossil