PR Industry Climate Survey

In April 2014, Climate Investigations Center sent a short survey to the top PR firms in the United States asking the following questions:

Does your company acknowledge the threat and challenge of climate change as companies like Walmart, CocaCola, Apple, Google, AIG, Swiss Re, NRG, Unilever and others have done?

Does your company have any internal carbon accounting policies or energy use reduction targets? Have you taken actions to reduce your “carbon footprint”?

Does your company have an internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy regarding climate change or the environment generally?

Has your agency advised any client corporations on communications around CSR programs with a specific climate change focus, or on other climate change related public relations efforts?

A number of the PR firms that received this survey are subsidiaries of WPP, a communications services holding company. While some firms responded to our survey, WPP also sent a response on behalf of its subsidiaries. Its response, which applies to all WPP subsidiaries, is available here.