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Climate files is an archival database of news, information and documents. The information compiled there is collected from various sources and is based on more more than 20 years of research and data collection. These files explore in detail the people and institutions that have delayed policy action on climate change and denied climate science.

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Climate Change Lawsuits Fueled by Industry Documents

The news on climate change lawsuits keeps churning. On May 25, 2018, U.S. District Court Judge W. Alsup kept City of Oakland v. BP, et al. in court, opening four of the five defendants to discovery as it relates to jurisdictional issues. Meanwhile, multiple developments have progressed in cases throughout the world:  most recently King

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Internal Shell Climate Documents Revealed

Newly uncovered internal documents from Royal Dutch Shell/Shell Group provide new insights into what they knew about climate change and when they knew it. Documents unearthed by Jelmer Mommers of De Correspondent were published today on Climate Files, a project of the Climate Investigations Center.  These documents date back to 1988 and show intense interest in climate

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Documents From Exxon and API Bring New Revelations: More to Come

In the last two months, February and March 2018, multiple climate change accountability lawsuits moved forward: the New York Attorney General’s argument against Exxon was bolstered by the Second Circuit Citizen’s United decision, the Federal Government’s writ of mandamus was rejected in favor of the children plaintiffs in the Juliana case, and in The People