Coal Investigations

As the coal industry continues to decline, power energy corporations are doing everything they can to hold on to their wealth and power. The Climate Investigations Center, keeps a watchful eye on their actions and rhetoric, which more often then not, promote an agenda of climate denial and back door deals.

Kemper Investigations

Clean Coal Officially Dead in Mississippi as Southern Company Battered by Kemper Fall-Out

Clean coal officially died in Mississippi today as state regulators voted unanimously to issue an official order denying further money for the Kemper coal plant and beginning a settlement process with its builder, Southern Company. The order provides a legal framework for the state Public Service Commission’s June 21st vote proposing the plant continue to


Mississippi Regulators Veto Any More Money for Southern Company’s Kemper Plant in Stunning Vote

In a historic vote this morning, Mississippi state regulators slammed the brakes on the Kemper coal power plant, saying they will refuse to ask utility customers to pay anything for Kemper’s non-functional multi-billion dollar “clean coal” gasification technology and will re-designate the plant as a natural gas facility. In a joint press release explaining their unanimous decision,


Bombshell Votes at Southern Company Annual Meeting for Cleaner Energy, Against CEO Fanning

Southern Company shareholders cast a substantial vote of no confidence in chief executive officer Tom Fanning’s at the annual shareholders’ meeting near Atlanta May 24th, while almost half the company’s shares were cast in favor of steering the company toward climate-friendly energy policies. The vote against approving the executive compensation package for Fanning and Southern’s

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Peabody Investigations

Peabody’s Five Point Plan for Getting the World to Adapt To Peabody

When a coal company chief executive officer offers a decarbonization plan, it means one of two things. One, he has finally seen the light, and realizes that coal is irremediably dirty. Or two, this is just “green talk” intended to paper over business as usual. Once you know that the CEO in question is Gregory


Energy Poverty and Coal “All Talk No Action” Australia Institute Report

Ahead of the G-20 meeting in Australia later this week, a new report by an Australian think-tank convincingly punctures coal industry claims that coal is an essential part of the solution to lack of access of electricity in the developing world. Zeroing in on Peabody Energy’s “Advanced Energy for Life” global public relations campaign, which


Peabody Coal Campaign Uses Solar Supporter as Pitch Man

Huffington Post just rolled out an investigation, based on our research, revealing that the gentleman Peabody Coal and Burson Marsteller recruited as a spokesperson for their new Advanced Energy for Life campaign,  pitching coal, has a day job financing solar projects. Rugigana Kavamahanga or “R.K” is depicted in a video called Africa Switched On as an “Energy Finance Consultant and

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