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Annual Income From Fees in 2017: $68,000,000

Annual Income From Fees in 2012: $56,148,000

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2018 Climate Survey Response

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Ruder Finn CIC 2018 Letters (Text)

2014 Climate Survey Response

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Clients and Campaigns

Global Climate Coalition (GCC) (1990s)

  • The GCC was the industry coalition built to oppose the UN global climate negotiations. It employed the E. Bruce Harrison Company, a subsidiary of Ruder Finn.

Ruder Finn and Corporate Responsibility: 

“At Ruder Finn, we believe that corporate responsibility and corporate citizenship should be engrained in the business model. Through comprehensive communications programs, our dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice has counseled clients on how to creatively and strategically integrate CSR into their business models and core values, resulting in initiatives that are a natural extension of what the company already stands for. Ruder Finn has extensive experience in creating and implementing plans that increase visibility, mobilize audiences to take action, drive discussion and influence policy makers, the media and the general public around causes such as recycling, solar energy, water usage and environmental protection.” – From O’Dwyer’s Special Issue on Environmental Communications and Public Affairs, February 2014

Address: 301 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022

Phone: (212) 593-6400

Annual Fees Income from Environmental Practice in 2012: $905,586 (1.6% of total)

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