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2018 Climate Survey Response

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Qorvis CIC 2018 Letter (Text)

Climate Survey Response Synopsis

Publicis, a French multinational advertising and public relations firm, owns the parent company, MSL, to which Qorvis is a subsidiary.

Publicis Groupe’s vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Eve Magnant, responded to the survey. “Publicis Groupe is a signatory of the United Nations Global compact since 2003,” Magnant said in her response. The firm has been monitoring its carbon footprint since 2009 and its progress is now “externally audited and verified by SGS.” The focus of Publicis’ environmental policy is “Consume Less and Better,” which involves reducing waste and carbon impact in areas such as travel, with “30 telepresence rooms across the world.” The firm’s CSR reports are published as public information and Publicis is advising some clients on the implementation of such policies.

Full Response to Our Survey

Dear Mr Davies

MSLGROUP is a subsidiary of Publicis Groupe; the company is publishing each year a CSR Report; it’s a global one, embracing all of our BUs and activities, so including MSLGROUP.

You will find below the 2012 CSR Report – 2013 is just ongoing and will be available beginning of May. Before that, the 2013 official Registration Document will be available soon on our website with the chap. 1.4 dedicated to CSR activities, with first 2013 indicators 2013.

Our CSR reporting is externally audited and verified by SGS.

To answer to your question, see my answers in blue in your mail.

Hope it will help you to get a better view about Publicis Groupe and MSLGROUP engagement in CSR. Please don’t hesitate to come back to me if you need further details.

Best regards, 
Eve Magnant

Does your company acknowledge the threat and challenge of climate change as companies like Walmart, Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, AIG, Swiss Re, NRG, Unilever and others have done?

Publicis Groupe is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2003, and signed the UN pledge “Caring for climate” in 2007.

Does your company have any internal carbon accounting policies or energy use reduction targets? Have you taken actions to reduce your “carbon footprint”?

Publicis Groupe is calculating its carbon footprint since 2009 with the support of Bureau Veritas. (Now it’s externally audited and verified by SGS). Our environmental policy “Consume Less & Better” is based on the European goals “20-20-20”, and we have specific targets in some areas.

Does your company have an internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy regarding climate change or the environment generally?

In our CSR Stretgy, we have an Environmental Policy “Consume Less & Better”, actually under revision. We are sharing our CSR reports including Environmental progresses – this is public information. Regarding Climate change, we are focusing our efforts on the most appropriate initiatives (related with our services activities): for example, with our 30 telepresence rooms across the world, we are trying to reduce Travel, because it’s the first source of our direct impacts; about Energy saving, many years from now, we implanted best practices and policies to reduce our direct consumption in our agencies.

Has your agency advised any client corporations on communications around CSR programs with a specific climate change focus, or on other climate change related public relations efforts?

Yes, we are working with some clients on their communication about their CSR or Environmental initiatives.

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