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Annual Income from Fees in 2017: $81,875,948
Annual Income from Fees in 2012: $32,293,000

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2018 Climate Survey Response

Similar to 2014, one of the firm’s founding partners, Peter Finn, responded to our survey. Finn outlines the PR firm’s straightforward stance on climate change, “Finn Partners recognizes the reality of climate change and does not accept client assignments that aim to deny climate change.”

Read the firm’s full response below:


2014 Climate Survey Response

Peter Finn, one of the firm’s founding partners, responded to the survey. He confirmed that Finn Partners acknowledges the threat and challenge of climate change, but stated that the firm has neither policies regarding internal carbon accounting, nor a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. Despite this lack of official policy, Finn Partners has invested in video conferencing systems to minimize the number of in-person meetings, and has taken steps to sort recyclables and reduce non-recyclable waste. Finn did not reveal any specific clients that Finn Partners might have advised with a climate change focus

Full Response to Survey

Does your company acknowledge the threat and challenge of climate change as companies like Walmart, Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, AIG, Swiss Re, NRG, Unilever, and others have done?

Yes, Finn Partners acknowledges the threat and challenge of climate change.

Does your company have any internal carbon accounting policies or energy use reduction targets? Have you taken actions to reduce your “carbon footprint”?

We do not have an internal carbon accounting system but we have taken steps to reduce our “carbon footprint”. The major steps we have taken are to install high quality video conferencing system in all of our offices to reduce travel between our offices, to increase recycling in each of our offices (recycling bins are located throughout the offices), and to reduce the use of non-recycled waste in each office (replacing paper coffee cups with ceramic mugs, replacing plastic utensils with flatware, etc.)

Does your company have an internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy regarding climate change or the environment generally?

We do not have a written CSR policy re: climate change or the environment but, as mentioned, we do have practices we have implemented in this area, and have explained to our staff why we have made these changes.

Has your agency advised any client corporations on communications around CSR programs with a specific climate change focus, or on other climate change related public relations efforts?

We have several hundred clients and I can’t say that I personally know the exact make-up of our work for each. I am not aware that we are working on any climate change related CSR work for any of our clients.

Best wishes,

Peter Finn

212 593-6428


Finn Parners on Environmental PR:

“At Finn Partners, with its recently acquired Widmeyer Communications, we offer award-winning and proven expertise in Environmental PR and in Public Affairs.

Our staff members in the environmental practice have extensive understanding of today’s key issues and tomorrow’s considerations. They confront client issues ranging from: Sustainable agriculture, Renewable energy, Climate change, Clean technology, Energy efficiency, Water pollution and scarcity, Smart grid to green buildings.

And, with the acquisition of Widmeyer Communications, Finn Partners’ public affairs practice has established itself as a leader in the sector.” – From O’Dwyer’s Special Issue on Environmental Communications and Public Affairs, February 2014

Address: 301 East 57th Street, New York, New York 10022

Phone: (212) 593-6428

Net Income (2012) from Environmental Practice Fees: $4,648,054 (14.4% of total)

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