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APCO Worldwide established The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition for Phillip Morris in 1993.  The front group was set up to question the science around the harmful impacts of tobacco smoke.  They incorporated other issues including climate change and pesticides so that the work would not be entirely focused on tobacco.

APCO Worldwide employee Tom Harris was involved in the launch of Friends of Science in 2002, a Canadian front group set up to attack climate policy.  Harris later denied to Sourcewatch that he was involved.

Annual Income from Fees in 2017: $128,236,300

Annual Income From Fees in 2012: $121,800,000

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2018 Climate Survey Response

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APCO CIC 2018 Letter (Text)
APCO CIC 2018 Letter (PDF)

APCO CIC 2018 Letter (Text)

2014 Climate Survey Response

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Nuclear Energy Institute: In 2016, APCO recieved a $1.2 million contract from the Nuclear Energy Institute, a powerful nuclear industry trade association.

United States Chamber of Commerce (USCC): In 2009, APCO worked for the USCC, receiving a $17.4 million contract from the organization.

APCO Energy and Clean Tech Practice:

APCO’s Energy & Clean Tech practice, led by Maggie Brown, works with clients across all sectors of the energy industry — from traditional fuel sources to renewables such as hydropower, solar, wind and biofuels. APCO also advises clients in the burgeoning clean tech industry including smart grid, green building, electric vehicles and energy monitoring. Clients benefit from APCO’s strategic alliances with the American Council of Renewable Energy (ACORE), the Clean Tech Open, the University of Washington Clean Tech Institute, as well as from the insights of Governor Bill Richardson, a former U.S. secretary of energy, who is chairman of APCO’s Global Political Strategies (GPS) group.” – From O’Dwyer’s Special Issue on Environmental Communications and Public Affairs, February 2014

Net Fees Income from Environmental Practice in 2012: $30,747,224 (25.2% of total)

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Phone: (202) 778-1000

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