Climate Hustler Marc Morano Hustles Climate in New Climate Hustle Film

Authored by Kevin Grandia

Might I humbly suggest we embrace right-wing spindoctor turned corporate think tanker Marc Morano’s latest project Climate Hustle as a welcome escape from reality?

It could be the start a whole new genre of film called climate change escapism.

Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age, but instead of my expected rant about how Marc Morano and the organization he works for are recipients of money from the likes ExxonMobil, I want to suggest we embrace Climate Hustle.  This film has the potential to take us to a strange and happy place, where for a little while we can suspend the hard realities of a warming world where atmospheric disruption, droughts, floods, food scarcity and the resulting conflict and instability are a hoax and do not exist.

I have only seen trailers for the film, but if Morano stays true to form in Climate Hustle, it will be heavy on conspiracy theories and seriously lacking actual scientific evidence. And much like the 9/11 conspiracy film Loose Change, it will be a fun and entertaining romp into the land of conspiracy theories, which is always a good place to visit from time-to-time to escape reality (and a lot cheaper and healthier than a quart of whiskey!).

The only caveat being to not dwell in Morano’s fantasy land too long or you might end up like him and his crew, wide-eyed and scrambling for any chance to prove you’re right and the whole world is wrong (and of course working against you). It’s also really hard these days to find matching shoes for a tin foil hat.

Morano knows all of this and having watched his career as a shock-jock for hire blossom over the years, it is clear that his motivations are far less about proving there’s conspiracy, as they are continuing to find a comfy niche career in the world of American ideological politics.

Climate Hustle will make its debut at the Paris Climate Conference which starts this weekend.

Although I am pretty sure Morano is not out to help appease the concerns of world leaders, global security experts, business leaders, religious leaders and civil society who will all be in Paris these coming weeks trying to put together a plan to avoid the worst consequences of our unremitting use of carbon intensive fossil fuels.

While I still have a ticket to go to the Climate Hustle debut in Paris, I know many who asked for tickets were confirmed, but then had their ticket revoked. Which is a shame, because we all need a little escapism to a world where climate change is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, as Marc Morano’s former employer Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) put it.

Who knew Marc Morano would end up being such a hip trendsetter?!

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Posted by Kert Davies