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Hill & Knowlton

Annual Income From Fees in 2012: $390,000,000

Address: 607 14th Street NW #300, Washington, DC 20005

Phone: (212) 885-0300

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 Hill and Knowlton History (by Sourcewatch):

One of the oldest PR firms in the US, Hill & Knowlton was a PR firm for the tobacco industry from 1953 to 1968. In October 2004, O’Dwyer’s PR Daily reported that Hill & Knowlton “is working to allay any voters’ concerns in Florida’s fourth largest county amid reports that votes were not counted by new electronic balloting machines in an August primary.” Hill & Knowlton represented the Copenhagen Climate Council prior to the UN Climate Conference COP15 in November, 2009. Hill & Knowlton has also worked for large non-profit groups, such as the American Heart Association, but in 2004 this campaign received negative press when Rite Aid displayed images of the campaign next to cigarette displays. In 1990, a group called Citizens for Free Kuwait, which was financed by the Kuwaiti government in exile paid H&K $10 million contract Hill & Knowlton, to campaign for American military intervention to oust Iraq from Kuwait,” according to the Guardian and multiple other sources.

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Full Response to Our Survey

Hill & Knowlton did not respond to our survey. We did, however, receive a response from the firm’s parent company, WPP, here.

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