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NY Attorney General: Phony CO2 Accounting, Extensive Document Destruction by ExxonMobil

Former ExxonMobil CEO and now-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson personally approved a scheme for accounting for the financial impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the company’s business that deliberately misled investors, one that continued right through ExxonMobil’s May 31st shareholders’, according to an explosive court filing by the New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. Schneiderman claims that

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American Petroleum Institute

Manufacturers’ Group Attempts 11th Hour Escape from Kids’ Climate Lawsuit

In a last-minute legal maneuver, the National Association of Manufacturers is trying to extricate itself from a closely-watched federal climate lawsuit 18 months after it won a legal battle allowing it to intervene in the case. NAM’s motion to withdraw from the Our Children’s Trust lawsuit came on May 22nd, just as it was about

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