Climate Deniers Urge Trump to Leave Paris Agreement

Dark Money Behind Paris Agreement Opposition

On May 8th, 2017 forty four climate denying organizations wrote a letter to President Trump urging that he pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement. The table below shows the total amount of traceable funding provided to the organizations by Exxon and the Koch brothers. In combination with Exxon and Koch funds, our analysis shows that major donors linked to funding climate change denial provided a total of $142,206,524 to the signatories on this letter. For more information on our analysis please contact us directly.

Organization Exxon 1997-2015 Koch (1986-2015)
60 Plus Association
Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions
American Commitment
American Energy Alliance
American Policy Center
Americans for Constitutional Liberty
Americans for Limited Government
Americans for Prosperity  $6,881,337.00
Americans for Prosperity foundation  $1,384,913.00
Americans for Tax Reform  $110,000.00
Americans for Tax Reform Foundation
Americans United for Freedom
Australian Environment Foundation
Caesar Rodney Institute (DE)
Capital Research Center  $265,000.00  $724,200.00
Competitive Enterprise Institute  $2,100,000.00  $839,743.00
Center for Individual Freedom
Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change  $100,000.00  $85,000.00
Citizens Against Government Waste  $4,800.00
Civitas Institute  $31,125.00
Coalition for a Strong America
Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow  $587,000.00  $29,752.00
Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation
Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund
Energy and Environment Legal Institute
Faith and Freedom Foundation
For America
Heritage Action for America (see heritage)
Hispanic Leadership Fund
Independence Institute (CO)  $141,000.00
John Locke Foundation  $159,472.00
Liberty Tree Alliance
Mississippi Center for Public Policy
National Center for Public Policy Research  $445,000.00
Navarre Patriots
Northwest Florida Tea Party
Rio Grande Foundation
Santa Rosa Tea Party Patriots
Science and Environmental Policy Project  $20,000.00
Taxpayers Protection Alliance
The CO2 Coalition (formerly George C. Marshall Institute)  $865,000.00  $620,000.00
The Heartland Institute  $686,500.00  $100,000.00
The Heritage Foundation  $870,000.00  $5,850,325.00
The Villages Tea Party
Total  $5,938,500.00  $7,776,217.00

Posted by Kert Davies