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Peabody Settles with NY Attorney General, Will Disclose More on Climate – But Not Much

Peabody Energy settled a multi-year investigation by the New York state attorney general’s office last night, agreeing to make more truthful disclosures to investors about climate change-related risks to its coal mining operations. However the

Peabody’s Five Point Plan for Getting the World to Adapt To Peabody

When a coal company chief executive officer offers a decarbonization plan, it means one of two things. One, he has finally seen the light, and realizes that coal is irremediably dirty. Or two, this is

Peabody Coal Campaign Uses Solar Supporter as Pitch Man

Huffington Post just rolled out an investigation, based on our research, revealing that the gentleman Peabody Coal and Burson Marsteller recruited as a spokesperson for their new Advanced Energy for Life campaign,  pitching coal, has a day job

Peabody Coal & Burson-Marsteller Push “Clean Coal” Electricity to Save the Poor

Kate Sheppard at Huffington Post just posted a piece on our investigation of Peabody Coal’s new PR campaign. Here are some excerpts and additions from what we have learned so far about the Peabody campaign. World’s


Coal, Oil and Gas

As the coal industry continues to decline, corporations are doing everything they can to hold on to their power while oil and gas interests continue to dominate American energy policy. The Climate Investigations Center, keeps

Coal’s Lonely Lobbyists

This report documents the growing isolation of the coal mining industry, and lost member companies at the National Mining Association, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, and World Coal Association. By Joe Smyth, Climate Investigations

Burson Marsteller PR

Burson Marsteller Annual Income From Fees in 2012: $454,500,000 Address: 1110 Vermont Avenue NW; Suite 1200; Washington, D.C. 20005 Phone: (202) 530-0400


Edelman PR

Edelman Annual Income From Fees in 2012: $665,600,000 Net Fees Income from Environmental Practice in 2012: $13,678,493 (2.1% of total) Address: 200 E Randolph Street #63 Chicago, IL  Phone: (312) 240-3000  

Trump Administration Pressing for Appeal, Dismissal of Climate Lawsuit

The Trump administration is asking an Oregon federal judge in the Our Children’s Trust case to let a higher court review her decision to permit a historic climate change lawsuit to proceed, and to halt

Three Coal Companies are Trying to Keep Secret How Much Federal Coal They Mine

Earlier this year, I looked at just how much the largest US coal mining companies depend on access to subsidized federal coal, most of it extracted from public lands in the Powder River Basin of